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Benefits of Using Raiser Systems

Organizing fundraisers can be a tall task. It’s a struggle to get everything organized, keep track of all your products, put together order forms and shipments, and still try make money at the end of the day. Meanwhile, the world is increasingly moving online, which isn’t exactly promising for traditional door-to-door sales.


Lucky for you, there is a better way! Raiser Systems is an all-inclusive online fundraising tool where distributors can easily create fundraising web pages, as well as organize, track, and manage all aspects of their fundraising projects. It is completely customizable, easy to use, and modern, with features like social sharing, automated emails, and reports all built in.


Everyone loves Raiser Systems, from schools and distributors, to sellers and supporters. We make handling all your fundraising projects easy and profitable!

Why Should I Use RAISER Systems?

It’s Easy

Raiser Systems is an online system that’s easy to learn how to use. Just fill out some simple questions and it will automatically generate a fundraising web page for you! Our user interface is easy to navigate and keeps track of all of your fundraisers and products.

It’s Customizable

Each school and student has a unique page featuring the school name, banner, colors, and even mascot! You can edit the text, pictures, and even add a countdown timer to motivate sales and prevent pre- or post-date orders..

It’s Modern

Raiser Systems allows you to ditch paper order forms or selling door-to-door! Not only are the sales online, but the payments are too, with real-time order and fund tracking at your fingertips. Get the word out and make more sales with our social sharing tools, including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and more. Our system even generates pre-written emails that students can send out to everyone in their address list.


It’s Organized

See all your fundraisers and schools at a glance, run an unlimited number of fundraisers, including multiple fundraisers within the same school, and easily keep track of them all. You can even download detailed reports as an Excel spreadsheet at any time.

It’s Versatile

Use as many products as you want, track your stock, group products by category or region, add product attributes like size or color, and even sell virtual products like music or videos! You can choose to ship in bulk to the school or individually to the supporter’s home. Buying is easy with multiple payment options and the ability to add tax and shipping costs.

It’s Innovative

All the tools you need are online and always available, with no software to install. Use it anywhere, at any time, and on any device including PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Never worry about not being able to access your fundraisers - we offer completely reliable hosting, with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime and a proven eCommerce platform.

Mary Bruderer

PTA Leader





Raiser Systems is such an perfect and simple solution that I'm shocked no one has done this before! It takes something that's usually time-consuming and difficult to organize and makes it super easy, effective, and fun. I wish all my kids' fundraisers used this system - it would make life a lot easier for all of us, and make the school more money too!


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