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Use the Internet to Improve Your Fundraising Programs

The Online Fundraising Solution

Raiser Systems is a Cloud-Based Fundraising Program designed especially for the Fundraising Distributor.

Raiser Systems can be used exclusively or in conjunction with a traditional paper based fundraiser.

All-In-One Fundraising Software

  • Quickly and easily create fundraising web pages
  • Organize, track, and manage all aspects of any fundraising project
  • Easy to use and completely customizable
  • Built-in features like social sharing, online ordering, and tracking


Everyone loves Raiser Systems, from schools and distributors, to sellers and supporters. Make handling all your fundraising projects easy, profitable, and fun!

Gary Arnold

Industry Leader

Gary Arnold



Raiser Systems is a simple solution for the fundraising distributor who is looking to cut down on the time and cost required to effectively manage a fundraiser. Not only does it work for any product or fundraiser, but it provides a way to move excess product and save money on paper brochures and order forms. The fundraising industry needs a tool that simplifies a complex process and Raiser Systems is the answer.

Val Skripak

Office Coordinator

Starshine Events



Our company has been using Raiser Systems for a little over three months and we love it! The system not only benefits our business in terms of growth but allows us to better serve our customers.


The customer service at Raiser Systems is quick and efficient – only a

phone call or email away. We are excited to be using Raiser Systems and would highly recommend it.


Raiser Systems is a proud member of the Association of Fundraising Distributors and Suppliers (AFRDS).

Benefits of Raiser Systems


Quickly and easily create unique web pages for each school and student. Edit text, images, and logos for each fundraiser and use additional features like countdown timers to motivate a


Easy to Use

Raiser System’s administrator interface is user friendly and doesn’t require advanced skills in technology and design. Web pages have a simple layout that is easily navigable, helping

supporters purchase products.


Our fundraising software is bursting with capabilities! Track stock and shipments, categorize products by different attributes, and offer multiple payment options. With Raiser Systems, you

can manage unlimited fundraisers with no product limit.


Raiser Systems brings fundraising to the online world. We take advantage of social media sharing, emails, and online ordering to extend the reach of every seller. You can use it anytime,

anywhere, on any device.

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